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Adventures and Bonfires Sticker

Adventures and Bonfires Sticker

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A 3-inch ode to the great outdoors. Featuring a charming illustration of a camper van nestled in a serene forest with a crackling campfire, this sticker is your passport to the wild.

Crafted from durable, multi-colored vinyl, this sticker is built to withstand the elements, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor application. Whether adorning your laptop, water bottle, or travel journal, this sticker adds a touch of wanderlust and a love for the simple joys of camping.

The captivating scene, paired with the words "ADVENTURES and BONFIRES," encapsulates the thrill of exploration and the warmth of shared moments around the fire. Ideal for nature lovers, road trip enthusiasts, and anyone who finds solace in the great outdoors, this sticker is a visual celebration of the simple joys in life.


Size: 3 inches
Material: Multi-colored, durable vinyl
Design: Camper van, forest, and campfire illustration


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